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My software have no bugs so its never throws exception! Can you believe that? Software can’t live without bugs. How hard you try to carefully code your application there always a 10 percent chance of having bug in the code. In practical terms you can’t test your application as good as users does. Users do unbelievable things with your application that causes exception and provides users with unpleasing experience with your application. You can’t fix bugs until you know about them. There are many class library’s out there to report crash but no one provides easy configuration and has hit & miss chance of sending exception reports. CrashReporter.NET is class library that solves this problem by providing easy configuration and provides crash reports directly in your mail’s inbox. You will get bug report like below example in your inbox.

Crash Report Sample

CrashReporter.NET Main Window


CrashReporter.NET Exception Tab


CrashReporter.NET Screenshot Tab

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